Civil War Exhibit

Hamilton Exhibit

Explore HAMILTON: THE CONSTITUTIONAL CLASHES THAT SHAPED A NATION, the National Constitution Center’s compelling new exhibit which highlights the competing ideas of Alexander Hamilton and his legendary rivals. [Included with your FREEDOM RISING ticket.]

Freedom Rising

Select your FREEDOM RISING time above. All-day access to the rest of the Center is included with your ticket. The newest exhibit, HAMILTON: THE CONSTITUTIONAL CLASHES THAT SHAPED A NATION, as well as THE STORY OF WE THE PEOPLE, CONSTITUTING LIBERTY, and AMERICAN TREASURES, are self-guided, and do not require a designated start time.




Themed - Bill of Rights

Themed - African American History

EXP TOUR - Main Exhibition 2

EXP TOUR - Bill of Rights 2

EXP TOUR - Feature Exhibition

Judge Chats

Workshop - History Detectives 2

THCP - Adult Program

Fourteen, a Theatrical Performance

For Debate: Can the President Use Emergency Powers to Build the Wall?

A Dangerous Idea: The History of Eugenics in America

Presidents Adams and the Problem of Democracy

Women and the Civil War: The Untold Stories

George Will: The Conservative Sensibility

2019 Annual Supreme Court Review

Themed - Growing Up in America

Themed - Guided Experience 1

Themed - Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Themed - Separation of Powers

Themed - The Jury System

Themed - Women's History

Themed - Workshop 1

Workshop - History Detectives

EXP TOUR - Bill of Rights

EXP TOUR - Main Exhibition

EXP TOUR - Leadership

Scout Day

Gallery Talk

Themed - Guided Experience 2

Teacher Seminar Series

All dates in the series for 5th Grade teachers: 

Made possible by the CHG Charitable Trust, as recommended by Carole Haas Gravagno

Museum of the American Revolution

Your joint ticket will provide you with general admission access to the museum’s exhibits including the sweeping film, REVOLUTION!, and the WASHINGTON’S WAR TENT which showcases George Washington’s own headquarters tent.

Hamilton Show

EXP TOUR - Lurid Lives of the Founders

EXP TOUR - Lurid Lives of the Founders 2

Members-Only Opening Tour 1pm

Members-Only Opening Tour 3pm

Members-Only Opening Tour 5pm

Members-Only After Hours Tour: Civil War and Reconstruction

Members-Only Guided Tour: Civil War and Reconstruction